Audio Enhancement

Audio evidence is commonly used in today’s court cases, but poor-quality recordings can limit its usefulness. We can use audio enhancement to reduce and even eliminate noise interference, producing a clearer, more conclusive result.

Make sure your evidence is heard

A huge volume of audio information is recorded every day – some overt, some covert; some purposefully, some accidentally. Its numerous uses include intelligence reports and settlement of disputes.

In many cases, vital evidence can be missed due to poor recording techniques or the accidental recording of environmental sounds. For example, a person’s speech may be unclear because of background noise.

Aequitas Expert Witness Services Ltd uses the very latest software to enhance the most important elements of your recordings, working with a wide range of audio formats. We can offer a free initial assessment of your material and advice on how best to proceed; and also assist with video analysis and CCTV.

Our audio services

Our resident audio expert, engineer Adrian Philips, has over 15 years’ experience of working with evidential recordings.

His services include:

  • Audio enhancement – using recordings to produce clearer evidence
  • Voice analysis and comparison
  • Authentication of audio recordings
  • Editing of interview recordings and ABE interviews
  • Disguising voices to preserve anonymity
  • Speed correction
  • Production of edited copies on tape, CD or DVD for court presentation
  • Transfer of audio recordings from original format to CD, DVD or compact cassette
  • Repair of damaged tapes
  • Transcription of audio recordings


Adrian has worked for both prosecution and defence – and for many UK police forces – on a large number of major criminal cases involving issues such as terrorism, paedophilia, drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping and rape. He has also given evidence in court on numerous occasions. As well as holding CTC clearance, he is an Incorporated Engineer and a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

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