Electronic Presentation of Evidence

The powerful presentation of evidential material is a key element of the modern-day trial. Our trial specialists have a wealth of experience in the judicial process, specialising in the Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE).

Our EPE Services

Aequitas Forensics has played an integral part in many of the UK’s highest profile court cases for both Prosecution and Defence.

Our services include:

  • Presenting evidence in a professional and compelling way using graphical explanations. This is proven to allow greater understanding and recollection of vital evidence by jurors.
  • Digitisation of paper documents and difficult media formats into standardised formats suitable for dissemination by all parties, plus making annotation of evidence in court a simple task.
  • Interactive mapping, timeline creation and event analysis, allowing the production of narrative storyboards that explain your case simply and succinctly.
  • 3D scene reconstructions and road traffic accident animations, allowing a greater spatial understanding of the incident scene.
  • Infographics allowing expert witness topics such as clothing comparisons, injury mapping and image authentication/verification to be explained simply.
  • Producing an electronic package which highlights links and relationships between evidence types in an easily disclosed electronic package.
  • DVD court compilations, giving easy access to multi-media evidence to allow simple navigation; along with the mosaicing of sensitive imagery and the subtitling of hard-to-hear or translated evidence.
  • Court AV installations using modern equipment, in order to show the evidence in its best possible form.
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