Forensic Mobile Telephone Analysis

With smartphone ownership and mobile use becoming universal, phone records are now a popular feature of legal exhibit schedules, often providing vital evidence of a sequence of events – and much more.

Why analyse mobile telephone records?

Law enforcement agencies have limited resources, so don’t automatically check all handsets for information, even if a phone is seized during an arrest. This means that potentially crucial evidence may be left unused. What if a photograph contained on a mobile could exonerate a defendant?

Aequitas Expert Witness Services Ltd can undertake a full forensic investigation of a mobile phone, revealing a substantial amount of current and past content.

What information can be obtained?

We’ll convert all available media from a phone or memory card (or both) into a format for easy access – for example, to be displayed on a computer, DVD player or CD player.

For an increasing number of handsets, this may include both live and deleted evidence of the following:

  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • SMS logs – text messages
  • Emails
  • Images – including meta data
  • Videos
  • Audio files – including voice recordings
  • Internet history
  • Bluetooth device history
  • SIM card data – including further call logs, SMS logs, contacts
  • Memory card data

Why analyse mobile telephone records?

Information can also be obtained from mobile telephone networks, such as bills for calls, text messages and internet use. Network providers store this data for at least 12 months, but financial restraints often prevent the prosecution from obtaining it.

Aequitas Expert Witness Services Ltd can carry out a comprehensive analysis, retrieving all available data and presenting a detailed, accurate sequence of events to support a case. For more information about in-depth analysis of mobile phone use, including geographical location, please see our cell site analysis page.

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